driving innovation through management

Founded as Excellerator by Fortis Venturing Bv in 2006 as a strategic and innovation stimulator for internal and external companies also public partners.

Excellerator has organized plenty innovation camps internaly to boost entrepreneurship in the Fortis group in partnership with the  Fortis Innovation Committee, educating manager to start new ventures. Once these ventures founded Excellarator supported them. The know-how in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Fortis Managers was also sold to external companies as IMD, BPost, VRT,...through Excellerator.

Yan Kerckhof became external interim-CEO of CameleOne a Fortis Ventures with Xerox to reboost it in 2007.

In 2008 Yan Kerckhof was nominated external board-member or executive consultant of the Belgian portfolio of these start-ups. 

Theses participations in ventures were sold, splitted BE-NL, closed or liquidated. Some businesses were re-integrated internally.

In december 2009 Brainact was taken over by Yan Kerckhof from ABN Amro Venturing BV  to become his management company as Brainact following the founder's philosphy to enable innovation through management.  Look at "Services".


The process of creating good ideas and putting them into practice to grow your business ahead of the competition needs passion and values.
Good and great ideas come from being open-minded, positive and curious as well as exploring new concepts without preconceived limitations or fear of ridicule. We help make innovation happen. Innovation helps you grow your business. It is the process of looking at the world through a different lens to find solutions . It leads to novel approaches to doing business
At Brainact we believe that by working together with others everyone can think wider, can share further and can achieve amazing things. It's not just the enabler who should be having new ideas but the whole team.
We bring diverse people together (both inside and outside your organisation) and help them to connect, think and act. Innovation with passion inspires dreams and gives serendipity a chance! We develop your people to action en implement new ideas, to open minds, to ignite team collaboration for more effective and efficient solutions. We search for innovations that create opportunities for your or new customers
 Your customers and employees are at the centre of our attention. They are the basis for all that has been accomplished by our company.

With passion nothing seems impossible







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