Born in 1965, I speak fluently Flemish, French and English and basic Danish

My parents were also entrepreneurs, for my education see below. A key in the successes  is the breadth of my range: communication, risk management, pr, general management, financial advice, accounting, strategic and technological consulting ... from conceptualization to implementation. Interdisciplinarity as a basis for innovation.It is always so difficult to speak about yourself so I have asked clients and friends to define me in a few words my personality and character.

"Short-term decision maker"             "Realistic optimism"    "West-flemish DNA"

"Yan demonstrated an ability to understand the actual circumstances of a crisis and have a have the guts for confronting reality even in a big structure."

"Finding order in chaos, so creative"

"Yan combines calmness, clarity of thought and a drive to fix the situation"

"He requires enough practice to stay clear-eyed and fearless."

"He requires zeal to solve a puzzle by engaging your staff."

"Subservience to purpose or corporate goals."

"His commitment can make a huge difference in process improvement"

“intense reactions to recurring setbacks in a way that constructively keeps the organization moving forward,”

"He can cultivate tenacity and encourages collaboration."

“The ability to focus himself full bore on the problems at hand.” 

"A calm problem solver and realistic optimist"

Some results from MCPH Profiles assesment done by Lincoln Talent on 14 degrees

​Organisation 10, Leadership 11, Teamwork 9, Involved 8, Open Minded 7, Perseverance 8,...​


Teamplayer, the goalkeeper is one of the most important player in the game because he has the most responsibility. In a team of 11 players, the goalie stands alone. With some saves or one mistake, he can either make or break the game. So the goalie not only has to be physically trained, but also mentally prepared. As a goalie, one of your main duties is to communicate with your team. This means you will need to learn and recognize all of the defensive strategies and techniques. Your job will be to communicate with your teammates. You’ll need to be able to tell them which players to defend, which players to mark, and to get out of your way if they’re blocking your vision!  Stay focused and calm are my mean qualities. Like in business the goal keeper is protected to receive some really hard shots..... and he is the spokesman of fairplay.

His job is also make savings....




Hockey Keeper


Master-class Innovation & Entrepreneurship  

Vlerick Management School 2007    

SME Excellence

Vlerick Management School 2006

Candidature & 1ère Licence Sciences Economiques                FUCAM 1989

Board & Director Effectiveness

Guberna 2010

​EU Lobbying and Public Affairs

EIPAL 2003

Graduat en Marketing & Distribution

IESN Namur 1988

Bio Farmer

Certif A&B

Gembloux 2015

Oil Painting

Royal Academy Brussels 1988-1992

Progr. Microsoft NT

FLV Education 2000