Robolution is our future

Passionnated by  robots and its technology since more than 20 years, I am one of the crazy founder of the anty project creating in an hugging robots in Ieper during the Flanders Language Valley period mid nineties, in the begining of this century I was sometimes the only Belgian fool in labs or in US congresses, for my master Innovation at Vlerick in 2007 I had the pleasure coworking with the robotics lab from MIT, that was a period that robotics was elaborated in small labs or garages. We are at the beginning of real Robolution, So if you have a robotic project do not hesitate to contact me.

Herunder some steps of the anty project, he is nowadays in the hands of the fantastic lab of the VUB ( I will in the next weeks add some robotics experiences and market trends.

Will be continued....the next days.....