"This is not a consultant"

for Enabling Innovation you have to

be an Entrepreneur

A few example of entrepreneurship

  • Study for the first sloping supermarket 1987 
  • Study about 'museum marketing' at school was used to found the Val-Saint-Lambert Museum 1988

  • Launching  the first public green magazine ..(Moniteur de l'Environnement Milieugids 1992)

  • Starting an incubation center for start-ups 1997 (transforming the family banquetting hall  for Flanders Language Valley_LHSP)  bankrupted

  • The first digital pictures for merchandising at Gillette 1993
  • First hotel with voice recogniction rooms, curtain, bed, tv, wake up, lights could be controlled by the voice of the client 1999 bankrupted
  • Show for opening a plant in Zagreb 1995
  • Introducing in Europe  Hystar airship 1994

  • Founding the first West Flemish Public Relation Cy 1997  Attitudes PR
  • Starting FLV Education with D. Frimout
  • Winner for the concept of the belgian pavilion at World Exhibition Hannover 2000
  • At the beginning of of creating the first hugging robot 'Anty' in europe
  • Handling Curiosity Mars Explorer Robot in Pittsburgh Mellon Carnegie Lab 2008
  • Sole Belgian participant at  Robot Business shows and seminars USA in 2007 2008 2009
  • Starting new countries as GM in  commercial fundraising from 15 to 80 people 2014
  • ....up to come

Act as a Start-up